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3 Keystones for a Picture Perfect Wedding

by Galina Vitols - Upscale Photo

As a wedding photographer I have the opportunity to see many different wedding styles and many beautiful locations… Every day I deal with thousands of pictures. What I have learned with wedding photographs is there are 3 important things that will affect how your wedding pictures look. Why it is so important? Because your wedding pictures are the only hands-on memories of such an important day of your life. Looking at your wedding photographs years later you will be able to re-live the happy day again.


What are those 3 important things? Let me share my observations with you.

1.      Choosing the right photographer is essential. He or she will be the creator of your wedding memories. Don’t just pick anybody – choose the one who will reflect YOUR vision. There are some simple guidelines for finding the perfect wedding photographer:

-         Search the web and learn about the different styles of photography. Artistic photography and photojournalistic style seem to be the most popular with modern brides.

-         Get referrals from friends who got married recently or from other wedding vendors. Referrals from friends are important because they will tell you how the photographer handles work at the wedding and following through after the wedding. You may not realize now that what happens after the wedding is also very important. The other wedding vendors will be finished with their work on the wedding day, but it is after the wedding, where the photographer has just begun working with you.

-         Meet the prospective photographer and decide if you would feel comfortable working with them. See their work in print, pay attention to quality of albums and photographs. Ask about their approach and philosophy – how they actually work at the event. Are they flexible and follow what you need or do they want to make their own rules. You want a person who captures the event blending in quietly, not by making themselves a center of the event (the exception is photographing formal portraits – here the photographer needs to be in charge).

-         Ask about their experience – you do not want a stranger at your wedding who just bought a digital camera and decided to make some extra bucks. You do want to hire a passionate professional who operates a full time business.

-         Find out about all the details of the ‘after wedding’ process – when you get your proofs, when you will see your pictures, how soon you will receive your album, will you own your negatives….

  How to find the right photographer is not the subject of this article. In my book Your Picture Perfect Wedding (recommended reading by my co-author Mia Johnson and I guide you step by step through a whole wedding photography process including choosing the right photographer for you.

2.      Location, location, location (YES – it is related to your wedding pictures, not just to real estate!)

You have probably dreamed about your wedding and can already see it in your imagination. What theme    have you chosen: a tropical outdoor ceremony; a traditional church wedding; a garden theme, or a historical castle background?

When choosing a place for your wedding the biggest challenge you may have is choosing between an outdoor or indoor wedding (if the weather allows such choice). Outdoor ceremonies always look GREAT (daytime!!), although you should have a plan B in case of rain. If this is the wedding of your dreams – take a risk and go for it. And you will end up with amazing wedding pictures. God may bless you by sending a beautiful day; on a rainy day you will still get married and be happy anyway (it happened to me – my plan for the ceremony by the ocean didn’t work because of rainy-rainy-rainy day, we got married inside the restaurant and still live happily after 8 years of marriage).

Whatever it is you imagine – choosing a perfect location will compliment your wedding photographs. Search until you find the one you fall in love with when you walk in and feel inside - this is it! Make sure to book it in advance because most perfect wedding places are already booked! Below you can view some pictures for different themes of ceremonies.

3.      The third really important key to beautiful photographs is not your wedding dress – it is your make up. You will look like a star even naked with a beautiful make up, but you won’t look so great without it even wearing the best designer dress. Do not even think about doing make up yourself. If you do want to look your best – hire a professional make up artist! Remember those ‘stars’ whose pictures you see on magazine covers – do you think they did it themselves??? No way. Your wedding day is such a special occasion – you cannot afford to not look your best. Professional make up makes a difference especially in the photographs. It is up to you what style to choose – dramatic eyes or ‘no make up’ look – but your make up must be done by a pro. I have seen so many brides – they are stars on their wedding day! And believe me – hiring a great make up artist IS very important.

If you follow these 3 simple rules: choose the right photographer, book the most beautiful location, and hire a professional make up artist - I GUARANTEE – you will have the most beautiful memories of Your Wedding Day!

About the author: Galina Vitols is Miami based professional wedding photographer, she is a CEO of Upscale Photo, LLC and a co-author of Your Picture Perfect Wedding. To receive FREE tips on wedding photography, sign up to her newsletter at



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