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How To Hire A Videographer
The Sights and Sounds of Videography
First of all, you may be asking: "Do I really need a professional to do my video work?"  The answer is "Yes.", but the reasons why may surprise you.

     Reason #1: Unlike an amateur, a professional videographer has all the right equipment, and knows how to use it! Professional cameras have a much higher resolution than consumer cameras, which means no more grainy footage!  Also the colors are more vibrant, and even the dimly lit rooms look better on a pro camera. And a pro knows how to adjust his camera settings for all kinds of unique lighting situations. Professional microphones mean no longer having to turn up the T.V. all the way to try to hear what someone on the video is saying…everything is heard crystal clear.  And professional editing makes the magic on your video, ensuring that you'll watch it again and again.
     Reason #2: If you ask a friend or relative to do your video for you, when will they get the time to relax?  Trying to get steady footage is tiring work, and almost impossible for the amateur to accomplish!  Either he will work so hard at it that he won't get a chance to enjoy himself, or halfway through your day, he will decide to, maybe, just capture some footage of his little girl while you're doing the cake cutting, and then shut the camera off for the night.  Instead, why not let your guests enjoy the day and leave the hard work to the professionals!

When you do go to meet with a few videographers, here are some
important questions to ask:
1.  Where will your cameras be during the ceremony?  There's nothing worse than a camera man two inches from your face or your guests' faces during the entire ceremony or reception.  A good videographer will be virtually invisible on this day, capturing footage as unobtrusively and discreetly as possible.  
2.  Have you had much experience in videography?  Also, ask to see a full length wedding video.  A good videographer should have this.  And you deserve to see examples of the kind of work you will be getting.  When you watch each wedding video, be paying attention and taking notes on things like: the digital effects that are used (are they elegant or cheesy?), the footage itself (is it shaky or steady), and pay close attention to how it makes you feel overall.
3.  Are you a member of any videography associations? If so, this speaks to the validity and seriousness of the business.
4.  How do you coordinate with the wedding photographer?   It's a good idea to find out how the videographer plans on creating a good working relationship with this man/woman that he will be working closely with.  It's ideal if the videographer plans on meeting with the photographer, on the phone or in person, sometime before the wedding to coordinate their plans.
5.  How many other weddings are you doing on my day, or weekend? Make sure the videographer is not trying to sandwich your day in on an already crowded schedule.
6.  Will you be the one shooting my wedding?  If not, be sure to request at least a phone meeting with him to be sure that he is aware of your specific needs.
7.  What types of cameras, microphones, and lighting will you be using?  Also, how new is the equipment?  The cameras should all be 3 chip cameras with 400 lines of resolution or more (broadcast quality).  The videographer should have a combination of professional microphones to pick up vows, readings and music.  If your reception is going to have 'mood lighting' then make sure your videographer will be using an on-camera light, otherwise your footage will turn out slightly grainy and dark.  These are usually very small lights (10-20 watts), so it will not be overwhelming.
8.  What type of editing equipment will be used? The editing part is what will make the magic in your wedding video, so ask them to explain the editing process in a way you can understand, without all the technical jargon.
9.  Are you fully insured? A fully insured videographer means peace of mind for you, and a worry-free event.
10.  How do you charge for services?  Are there packages? Request a price list.  Keep in mind, though, that good videography services are not cheap, in quality or pricing.  Most wedding planning experts agree that the videography portion should make up at least 7 percent of your budget.

Our thanks to Angie & George Sickler of Colorado Digital Video for this article.
They have provided Brides & Grooms in Colorado & S. Wyoming with quality video for over 4 years.

Article Courtesy of WeddingHowTo.Com.

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