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Who Pays For What?

Unlike "the olden days", who pays for what in the wedding process has changed considerably. The burden of paying for the wedding has shifted more recently from the Brides side (and more truthfully the father of the bride), to include the groom's family. Today, with many couples marrying later and having money of their own, they are sharing in the expenses. There are no longer any hard and fast rules as to "Who Pays for What". However, because we are asked almost daily what the guidelines are, we present the following as a general outline to the traditional division of monetary responsibility...

- Engagement Party: Bride OR groom's family plans and hosts.
- Rehearsal Dinner: Groom's family plans and hosts.
- Bridesmaid Luncheon: Bride plans and hosts.
- Bachelor's Dinner: Groom plans and hosts .
- Bridal Shower: Maid of honor and bridesmaids host.
- Bachelor Party: Best man and ushers host party.

- Any needed rental items
- Arrange for accommodations for out of town guests (grooms family can also
arrange this, depending on whose hometown the wedding will take place)
- Bridesmaids wedding gifts
- Ceremony Costs (Church fee, etc.)
- Ceremony Decorations
- Ceremony/Reception Flowers
- Entertainment (DJ, Band, soloists, etc.)
- Favors
- Flowers (bridesmaids bouquets, all corsages, ceremony)
- Gratuities/Tips for services
- Grooms wedding gift
- Grooms wedding ring
- Guest Book
- Her blood tests/medical checkup
- Invitations, thank you cards, announcements, mailing expenses, etc.
- Lingerie
- Photographer
- Printed items such as napkins, matchbooks, etc.
- Programs
- Reception costs (hall fee, caterer, etc.)
- Videographer
- Wedding Breakfast
- Wedding Consultant/Coordinator's Fee
- Wedding Dress, Veil and accessories

-Tuxedos for Groom and Groomsmen
- Accessories for men in wedding party, such as socks, gloves, etc.
- Alcohol at the reception
- Groom's Cake
- Arrange for accommodations for out of town guests* (brides family can also
arrange this, depending on whose hometown the wedding will take place)
- Bride's wedding gift
- Bride's wedding rings
- Brides bouquet, all boutonnieres
- Groomsmen's gifts
- His blood tests/medical checkup
- Honeymoon
- Limousine/Carriage costs
- Marriage License
- Officiate Fee
- Rehearsal Dinner expenses

- Any necessary travel expenses
- Shower gift
- Bridal Shower
- Bachelor and bachelorette Parties
- Wedding attire and accessories
- Wedding gift for the newlyweds

Let this checklist serve as a guide, and if someone else offers to pay for something, smile and say, "Thank you. That's wonderful." You have just received a gift!

We want to stress, the above list is "TRADITIONAL" and not written in stone. In today's world, sharing expenses across family lines is not only normal but in some areas, expected. We are not advocating anything here as gospel. You must decide what is best for you, your intended and both families. Not all of the items listed above are mandatory. There may be some items you wish to have that are not there. The rule of thumb for that is, the person asking for an item should be responsible for paying for it.

The single most likely cause of stress in wedding preparations is often money. Most weddings will run over budget. Decide on how much you can afford and stick to it!

Article Courtesy of WeddingHowTo.Com.

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